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I’m often asked how to find invoices in AdWords.  The good news is there are printable invoices, you just need to be able to access them.

In order to do this log into AdWords and click onto the green tab marked Billing and then click Billing Summary.

Scroll down until you find the right month.  Note you can ONLY print out an invoice for the current month when it ends.  Now click the Invoice button:

Image of how to download your invoice in AdWords

The invoice will now turn into a printable screen – simply go to File – Print.

To access previous months, change the date selector and then click Go.

Changing the date of your invoice

You should now be able to see the month you have selected – again simply click the Invoice link and you will be able to print out your invoice.

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Search engines are constantly “crawling” the web through the millions of links that can be found within it. These crawlers are generally referred to as “spiders”.  Once the spiders have gone through a link and visited a page (web page, music, image etc) it will add it to the search engine’s massive database. This is known as indexing, and is the first step towards appear in the Search Engine Result’s Pages (SERPs). It is imperative to be added to this database because that is how you will end up appearing on the search engine’s results.  This could be as simple as sending out a tweet containing your website URL, as Google will follow the Tweet and examine the website.

Once you have grasped this concept, it becomes clear that in order to rank highly on the search engines, you will want your website and its various pages crawled by the spiders. In addition, the more links going to and from your website, the higher you will rank in the search engine.

However, it is actually a lot more complicated than just allowing the spiders to visit your website, and building links. Google and other search engines use a highly complex algorithm to calculate the relevancy and value of a website.  SEO companies try and understand this confusing algorithm in order to signal to the search engines the relevancy of a certain website matched to a search term. One of the things calculated by search engine algorithm would be the strength of the various links that go to the website. The strength of the link might be judged based on the volume of traffic that visits it (Alexa Rank) or the Page Rank of the page. Basically, if you gain a link your website from a link that is not very highly ranked, then the link would be nowhere near as powerful as if it was linked to a more popular, higher ranked website.

Search engines are constantly changing and adapting their algorithms in order to create more relevant and useful information to its users. That basically means; if you wish to ensure you are appearing on the front page for your website, you will need to change and adapt with it. – no excuses folks!

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