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Recently we witnessed the long awaited arrival of a title tag that had gripped the whole country for almost nine months. People were speculating about what it would be, the newspapers had their say and some people even wagered money on it, until finally the secret was revealed on the 24th of July.

I am of course referring to the naming of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge and although it is not strictly a title tag; there are many comparisons that can be drawn between the naming of a child and a correct title tag on your website. In the same way that the tag should about your website; the Prince’s name tells us exactly what we need to know about him. A royal name for a royal baby and not one but three names which clearly show he is a descendant of importance.

Although Kate and Wills waited almost a week before naming their child; an appropriate title tag should be given to your website’s pages as soon after its conception as possible lest you miss out on getting off to a good start in the search engine ranking.

So what else do you need to know about these SEO indicators? What’s in a title tag?

title tag

They Are One Of The First Things Search Engines Look At –

When the search engines are crawling a website to try and discover what it is about and how relevant it would be to potential searchers one of the first things they look at, and something that they give a lot of weight to, are the title tags. This means that just by simply creating optimised tags you can immediately start to benefit from better rankings.

If You Don’t Write Them; Google Will –

If you choose to forego your title tags or write inappropriate ones then Google, or any other search engine, is likely to pick one for you. And you can be sure if this happens that they won’t do as good a job as you could of done and therefore your page won’t be optimised efficiently. Pick tags that are relevant and that describe exactly what the page is about.

There’s A Character Limit –

Title tags can be no more than 70 characters long and that includes spaces. Any more than this and the full tag will not be displayed in the search engine results pages which could affect the number of people that click through to your site. Keep them short and descriptive.

There’s A Format To Follow –

Other SEO specialists may have a different opinion but I, and many others, believe the best format is as follows.

‘Primary keyword|Secondary keyword|Company name’

Keywords are the search terms that people will be using to find that particular page and so it is best to use keywords that are also written in the content of that specific page in order to help Google marry up the relevance. Any more than two keywords or keyword phrases will look like spam and will put you in danger of being penalised. The pip (|) is the best piece of punctuation to use to separate the different parts of your tag, so don’t be tempted to use commas or full stops. Incidentally, if your company name is part of the keyword then there is no need to repeat this at the end of the tag. If you would like to know more about keywords then Moz has some great tips here.

Never Replicate Title Tags –

Duplicate content is something that Google are really trying to crack down on and so if you replicate any of your title tags then you could be at risk of being penalised. Keep them all unique and there won’t be a problem.

So if we were going to turn the royal baby’s name into a title tag then it would probably read something like this: ‘Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge|Future King|Royal Baby’

Re-writing your title tags in line with the above advice is sure to put you on a much better path to great SEO rankings, whereas leaving them as they are will mean your site spends longer stuck in the virtual wilderness.


Many of us underestimate the power of Pinterest for SEO, but the image sharing site can get you top spot rankings simply and quickly. For those of us familiar with SEO we know that ranking quickly on organic results is near enough impossible. If you want to carry out SEO properly and safely it takes months to start seeing the results and see your site slowly start to climb the ranks. Some choose to cheat their way to the top seeing their search terms rocketing in a matter of weeks, but this will quickly be recognised as black hat SEO and as quick as you went up you’ll plummet back down into the murky depths of page 10 of Google.

Outline What You Want To Rank For

If there is a particular keyword you’re struggling to rank for that has high competition a Pinterest board could be the perfect solution. It’s possible to spend months trying to get a keyword in the top three spots with little progress purely because the competition is too fierce. Whilst many SEO’s would suggest moving on and trying for other lower competition keywords it is possible to take advantage of the high searches on this keyword with a different kind of result. Outline the keyword that you’re struggling with that could potentially bring in a lot of traffic.

Create A Board

Now you’ve decided on the keyword you would like to rank for it’s time to create your board. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account set one up, it’s very simple! When you create the board ensure the keyword is in the title or that the title is the keyword alone, also include the keyword. Every time you pin images make sure you tag the keyword. Whilst the images don’t necessarily need to be relevant to help the rankings it’s important that they are as the board will be the landing page for people clicking through for your chosen keyword. Pin images that are professional, helpful and images from your website. If you can pin an image from your site detailing what you do as a company then even better.

There are no stats on how often you will need to refresh your board to keep it at the top of rankings but I’d advise pinning something new once a week just so it looks like an active board and keeps it fresh.

In doing this you should find that your board climbs the ranks a lot faster than typical sites on organic results. Make sure you link your site to your board and drive in traffic you’d otherwise be missing out on had you not created the board. It’s really as simple as that!

Hurray!! The good weather has finally arrived and it looks as though we are now getting all the summers that we should have had over the last few years all rolled into one period of extended sunshine.

And in the same way that many of us have been working on our beach bodies ready to expose them to the world at the slightest sign of a ridge of high pressure; it is important that you get your internet marketing strategy in shape for the summer. You may think that the way in which you conduct your SEO and PPC should remain the same throughout the whole year, but due to behavioural changes in the consumer market there may be a few tweaks needed for the summer months.


Are You Optimised For Mobiles?

In Britain the only way we know how to react to a heat wave is to take off a layer of clothes and cook meat over an outdoor grill, and this results in different internet behaviour. As more people are outside enjoying the sun there will be more mobile searches rather than desktop ones.

With this being the case it is important that you ensure your site is optimised for mobile phones. A number of businesses are yet to do this and it could mean that your traffic figures drop during the summer months simply because people cannot access your site or use it effectively on the go. There’s more about optimising for mobile here.

Take Advantage Of A Lull In Adwords Activity –

Online activity, and in particular online shopping, tends to take a bit of a hit in the hot weather and so while everyone else is out frequenting the nearest beach and giving ice cream sellers their best sales since 2006; you could take the time to tweak your Adwords campaigns. Be sure to pause anything that isn’t likely to sell well at this time of year in order to save on unnecessary clicks and think about increasing the mobile bids for certain adverts.

This is also a great time to finish off your changes from normal campaigns to enhanced ones. The cut-off point is only a week away now and if you don’t switch them over in time Google will step in and do it for you. And you can almost guarantee that it won’t be done in line with the specifications you would have chosen.

Freshen Up Keywords And Copy –

The fact that the weather has taken a turn for the better may mean that you are now selling products that you weren’t before, or that you want to put particular focus on products that you know will sell well in the heat. Take advantage of this by giving your site some fresh copy that includes the new product keywords.

Changing the copy every now and again will show Google that your site is continually active and will counteract anyone who is taking the easy way out by just copying and pasting other people’s content. Don’t forget to include your new keywords in your content marketing and you could receive a kindly boost in summer traffic and sales.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of the gorgeous weather and if you need any help in getting your internet marketing fit for the summer then Marketing By Web are always here to help.

Since its conception in the late 90’s social media has grown to have many different uses. Friends have used it to keep in contact with each other regardless of where they are in the world, businesses have used it to help with their marketing and their lead generation, unemployed people have used it to find job opportunities, self-absorbed teens have used it to perfect their pouts and now it has been used to reunite a wandering rabbit with its concerned owners.

Lexi’s Story –

Early this morning one family in Bristol awoke to find their rabbit hutch sans rabbit as to their dismay Lexi the white Mellerud rabbit had somehow escaped. Early reports suggested that the door to the hutch wasn’t secured properly but these rumours are yet to be confirmed. After a quick search of the local area returned little in the shape of a rabbit; the family started to put together a strategy in order to return their four-legged friend to its rightful home.

With strategic marketing experience in the family it was no surprise that the first course of action was to construct detailed posters of the missing rabbit and put them up around the children’s school in the hope that this would jog anybody’s memory as to whether they came across a rabbit on their journey to school.


Lexi the rabbit returned safe and sound


Knowing the power of social media, the wife of Marketing By Web’s MD then announced on Facebook that her rabbit was missing and the search soon moved on in leaps and bounds…and hops. Thankfully order was restored at around 10am this morning when a thoughtful neighbour noticed the post on Facebook and checked her garden to discover a small fury addition amongst the flowerbeds.

Lexi was promptly returned to her home and has shown no signs that the ordeal has fazed her in any way. Today Facebook not only saved a rabbit from the suburban wilderness of a Bristol garden but also saved a family from a potentially upsetting situation.

What Can We Learn From This? –

The moral to this fable, apart from ‘always secure your rabbit’, is never to underestimate the power of social media. And whilst there will be plenty of people reading this who know all too well what sites like Facebook and Twitter can do for their business; there will be others who are yet to take the plunge and who have, until now, been reluctant to enter a world filled with ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘retweets’.

If this is you then perhaps it’s time that you joined the rest of the business world and opened your eyes to this new media that has done so much in such a short space of time. If Facebook can reunite a family with their bunny then there is no doubt it can reunite your business with those long lost customers who are out there roaming the virtual gardens like confused cottontails.

Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights. Take control of your business’s online marketing today.

Incidentally, Marketing By Web care for a lot more than just lost pets. Let us look after and nurture your social media campaigns in order to make them work better for you and your company.


Last week eighty 5ft models of Gromit the dog appeared across the city of Bristol. They travelled in style on the back of a large lorry and were placed in various positions across the city to create the ‘Gromit Unleashed’ trail. Whilst to the average person this is merely a little bit of fun, offering a unique day out around the city, to the city of Bristol it is a clever marketing strategy in order to raise money for charity, attract more tourists and in turn bring in more money.

 Gromit Unleashed Explained

The city of Bristol is no stranger to exhibitions and attractions. In 2009 we hosted the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition which saw an extra 300,000 visitors flock to the city creating a £15 million tourism boost. The city also hosted a very similar trail in 2011; the ‘Wow Gorilla’ exhibition featured large models of gorillas painted in different patterns spread across Bristol.

Gromit Unleashed is hoped to bring in an estimated £85 million for Bristol but the main reason for the unleashing of the models is to raise money for charity. The creators of the exhibition have cleverly released an app for smartphone users to download at the cost of 69p and the proceeds from sales of the app will go to the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity. On the first day of the app launching it received 5,400 total downloads and raised £2,160 for the charity. So it looks as if the trail is off to an amazing start and this is set to continue.

As well as creating the app the creators haven’t ignored the powerful marketing tool that is social media, setting up accounts on the most influential social media sites. Currently the Twitter account boasts a little over 10,000 followers and the Gromit Unleashed Facebook account has gained 19,000 ‘likes’. The photo sharing site Instagram has also seen a mass of photos of the Gromits uploaded with ‘gromitunleashed’ being hashtagged on 1,464 photos so far. The Gromit unleashed website has also received 70,000 visitors since Friday the 3rd of July, that’s impressive figures even to an SEO.

Currently across the city of Bristol the Gromits can be seen with crowds of people around them eager to have their photo taken standing next to the infamous figures. They have certainly created a buzz, but how can you create a similar buzz for your own business?


What We Can Learn From ‘Gromit Unleashed’

What has made the trail so popular in such a short space of time is the fact that it is so unique. Never before have models of Gromit the dog decorated and designed by artists and celebrities been scattered across a city, there is something very charming about this unique marketing campaign. It’s creative, clever and iconic of the city, after all Wallace and Gromit was created right here in Bristol!

What the creators of Gromit Unleashed have done is come up with a powerful USP (unique selling point), but what makes it so powerful? Firstly it makes a whole lot of sense when you really start to think about it, but seems a little outlandish at first which is why it’s gained so much attention. Wallace and Gromit was and is created at the Bristol harbour site studios; Aardman Animations, so why not fill the streets with a Bristolian icon?! Secondly it’s interactive, people can enjoy tracking down each Gromit, have their photo taken and even upload their images to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, hashtagging to share their experiences with other Gromit fanatics. And thirdly it’s a bit of fun, so many business owners focus on creating a serious USP when really something light hearted and a little bit of fun often works better and gains more attention.

Take inspiration from the Bristol Gromit Unleashed exhibition and apply some of these clever and creative methods to your business plan.

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