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Any content marketer or blogger should know the importance that a title holds. After all, this is going to decide just how many people bother to open up your article and how many pass it by leaving it to float around cyber space. They say never judge a book by its cover but when it comes to blog posts online are you really going to take time out of your day to read something that doesn’t scream ‘read me’?

All over the internet you will find articles with titles such as ‘5 Ways To Suck An Egg’ or ‘3 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Bath In Acid’ and whilst these kinds of titles serve a purpose; they can become monotonous and make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong; these titles definitely have their place and are a great way of outlining helpful advice to an audience who are actively searching for hints and tips, but there is definitely need for variety.

So what other kinds of titles are great at pulling people in and attracting more readings to your site?


Question Titles –

The great thing about a question is that it addresses someone directly and makes them think about themselves within the chosen circumstances. You also have the effect that once a question has been posed most people will want to know the answer and will also begin to formulate one of their own. By titling your post with a question you can draw people in and make it so they almost have to read it or feel like they are missing out.

An example of a few question titles could be: ‘Where Are The Best Places To Go In London?’ and ‘What Are The Fastest Ways To Gain Social Media Followers’.

Warning Titles –

Warning titles are designed to make readers believe that the article contains information that it is in their best interest to learn. By warning people that they might be going about something the wrong way they will be more intrigued by your article and want to see what it is you have to say. It is one of our natural instincts to be alerted by danger and so when your title acts as a warning it will stand out to anyone who is surfing the net.

Examples of warning titles could be: ‘Are You Throwing Money Away With Your Pay Per Click Campaigns?’ and ‘Warning; You Could Be Falling Into These Payroll Pitfalls’

Clever Titles –

The great thing about language is the way that words work together, and you can really do a lot for your blogs just by making the titles sound pleasing. Techniques such as rhyme, assonance and alliteration are all great ways to make your title sing and stand out when people read it aloud or in their heads. Using language in clever ways can really appeal to users whilst also displaying a general affinity to knowing how to write well. Other techniques that could be used include puns (not cheesy ones though), clichés and other kinds of word play as these all help to add a bit of humour to the article.

Examples of clever titles could be: ‘Did You Catch That Or Should I Retweet Myself?’ and ‘Jump Aboard These Holidays Abroad’.

Persuasive Titles –

Language can be very persuasive at times and there are certain words that you can use which will speak to people much louder than others. Some of the most persuasive words in the English language are free, you/your, easy and guarantee, and so using these in your titles is sure to make them more appealing to your audience.

Examples of great persuasive titles include: ‘How To Take Your Business Communications To The Next Level’ and ‘Easy Ways To Guarantee Return On Your Google Adwords Investment’.

Which other kinds of titles do you think work well on blog posts?


Social media is here to stay,

and so it’s time to jump on board.

Don’t waste time in any way,

because that’s time you can’t afford.


Growth in the market has been rapid,

and every business should take note.

Although some users can really be vapid,

it’s time to clear your social throat.


First things first; choose the best site,

because not all networks will suit.

Facebook and Twitter may be right,

but the wrong sites will bear no fruit.


Create your profile and fill it in,

adding every inch of information.

The more they know; the more chance of a win,

and the more you’ll reach the nation.


A consistent approach is what you need,

but don’t overload your fans.

Because clogging up everyone’s feed,

is sure to ruin your big plans.


Be subtle with your posting too,

there’s no need to push for a sale.

It’s about your audience relating to you,

and this is where so many fail.


And build your following steadily,

there’s no need to beg, steal or borrow.

Plenty will connect with you readily,

and soon they’ll all want to follow.


Social media has many uses,

not just for conversing with mates.

So there really are no excuses,

Come on! The social world awaits.

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