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Now a staple of the UK’s Christmas, John Lewis’ festive ads are the poster children of modern day good marketing. Each year, marketers and consumers wait to see what the high-street legends come up with, and each year the released advert takes everyone’s breath away, or at least helps boost the retailer’s sales.

The company, who only started making their Christmas adverts in 2007, are well known for their heart-warming, ballad soundtracked clips that annually woo consumers and media alike. But what can we learn from this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert? Hint: it’s not just that penguins, in any form, are cute.

It’s not just about what you sell

John Lewis adverts prove that marketing is not just about what you sell. Their more recent festive adverts barely show any of the products they actually stock, and instead rely on winning over the hearts of the viewers. The short films resemble a little Christmas gift, with their non-pushy sales pitch showing them as a more caring business, which is an incredibly important USP in the current consumer era.

Online matters

On the 6th November subscribers to John Lewis’ email marketing received an invite to be the first to watch their Christmas advert- a whole day before its TV debut.

via John Lewis

Almost as soon as the advert was released on YouTube, Monty the Penguin and his human best friend Sam were trending on Twitter and countless other social media platforms. Currently, the advert has racked up 16.5 million views, and aside from the internet’s love of fluffy and cute animals, this really only shows one thing. That online really does matter when it comes to boosting sales and growing your business.

Debuting an advert online says a lot about the changing retail world, and is a move that John Lewis definitely wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t going to pay off. It is likely that the company saw a surge in their online sales post-advert, especially as their email also contained links to their ecommerce site, which now stocks a number of Monty and Mabel items.

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