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James Gardner

James is our Director of Client Performance and makes sure that MBW uses the best marketing strategies for your business. James has an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, is a Google Analytics Certified Individual and is the author of a book “The Business Owners’ Guide to Interpreting Google Analytics” which is available on Amazon.

Unbeknown to most Google users, Google’s algorithm has silently changed over the last 12 months in the most significant way for perhaps five years. Imagine someone working for a small company in Bristol that has recently lost some important files and has now decided that it really needs to get an online backup solution. The… Read More

In August, Google announced that it was calling for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web. To encourage this, it also announced that it was using HTTPS as a ‘lightweight ranking signal’. This announcement seems to have caused concern with a number of our clients so the purpose of this post is to help explain the consequences… Read More

Searchmetrics, the reputed German rank tracking company, produced its annual Google rank factor correlation report  earlier this month. An 82 page document that is essential industry reading. In its 2013 report, many were surprised to see that the most influential ranking factor was Google’s social media platform Google+. This year the highest ranking factor appears… Read More

Greggs, one of the biggest brands on the high street, has suffered the indignity of someone (presumably a disgruntled insider or ex-employee) modifying its Knowledge Graph to change the slogan below its logo to say “Providing shit to scum for our 70 years”. There also seem to have been some unsavoury changes to Greggs’ Wikipedia… Read More

Why email marketing? If you are not using email marketing in your business, then you should have a very good reason because despite all the myriad of other ways to communicate with your customer base, email marketing still remains one of the ‘top dogs’. To be clear here, I am talking about permission-based email marketing…. Read More

Content has long been the bedrock of an SEO strategy (we prefer the use of ‘in-bound marketing’ however this is still not a widely understood term). Good content must have a three-fold purpose: Useful and informative for the visitor to the blog or website: it should provide insight and knowledge. Where appropriate, it should also… Read More

Lettings sites carry lots of adverts for apartments for rental. Once an apartment has been let the advert needs to come down.  This means maybe 10 – 40% of its pages disappear each week.  In the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard for such a site, it is likely that it will indicate lots of broken links… Read More

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