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Julie Gardner

Julie is one of our PPC Account Managers. She has a passion for matching Pay Per Click ads to optimised landing pages to maximise conversion. Julie is certified to Google Search - Advanced Level. With a background as a school teacher, she is excellent at explaining complex concepts to in plain English.

So you want to run an Adwords campaign? Your business wants more sales, leads, customer engagement and downloads and you’ve heard that Adwords is a great way to generate all of these. But you’ve also heard that it can be a waste of money, that its no good for small businesses. Which is true? Well,… Read More

Remarketing is a relatively new tool in the internet advertiser’s toolkit (Display network remarketing became available only in 2010). It offers the ability to reconnect with people who have previously visited your website and show them relevant ads across the web and now, when they search on Google. The main premise, is that if they… Read More

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