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Kathryn Evans

Kathryn is a member of our SEO team and works as a Search Marketing Executive. Her role is to write creative copy and help clients optimise their website.

Everybody loves a statistic – a rare piece of black and white clarity to cling to in our otherwise grey and blurry world. They supposedly allow us to take off our subjective blinkers and see the world for what it is. But unfortunately people produce statistics and those blinkers aren’t as easily shaken off as… Read More

Photo by Alpha / CC BY You think you’ve done the hard part by writing some ground-breaking content, but it’s not doing any good just sitting on your website. You’ve got to tell people it’s there. I’ve split this post into three sections, but one section you would be crazy to ignore is social media!… Read More

It is a commonly held opinion that you should write the headline before you start an article or blog post, as it allows you to better structure your writing and fulfil the promise of the headline. This is of course true, but it hides the real reason why it’s good to write a headline first… Read More

If you’ve been researching SEO, I’m sure you’ve been told loads of useful advice about keywords and title tags and then you’ve probably been given the most important, but extremely vague advice to be a brilliant writer and write things people want to read. So, how do you do that? When you write a blog… Read More

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