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Stacey Williams

Stacey works as a copywriter and PPC account manager. Her role is to help clients optimise their websites and paid search campaigns.

While the vast majority of internet advertising is from legitimate businesses, every internet user has likely come into contact with a ‘dodgy’ ad that is being shown through the Google Display or Search Networks. Advertisers selling weight-loss scams and counterfeit merchandise are amongst the most prolific offenders, but just as worrying are the smaller number… Read More

You may have the most wonderful website on the internet, but if your site isn’t ‘responsive’ – i.e. doesn’t shrink and adapt to fit the screens of mobile devices – then you’re going to lose mobile customers. Searchers will scroll down, but we’re rarely happy about zooming in or scrolling clumsily from side to side… Read More

In an ideal world, outsourcing your internet marketing would perhaps mean that you could wash your hands of the whole process and leave the experts to it. The truth is, if you’ve picked the right company, you can often get good results this way. However, if you want to get the very best results, you… Read More

Hummingbird’s first birthday falls sometime this week. With all the talk of Pandas, Pigeons and the demise of Google Authorship, it’s easy to forget about important updates such as this that are still working away quietly in the background, affecting the way businesses rank in the search results. What Is Hummingbird? Hummingbird was an overhaul… Read More

Yes, it does. In case you’re not convinced by this simple answer, have a look at these benefits of blogging and then decide if you can really afford to leave it out of your online marketing strategy. Announcing News Blogs can act as your very own press release. If you’re having a massive sale at… Read More

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