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Hurray!! The good weather has finally arrived and it looks as though we are now getting all the summers that we should have had over the last few years all rolled into one period of extended sunshine.

And in the same way that many of us have been working on our beach bodies ready to expose them to the world at the slightest sign of a ridge of high pressure; it is important that you get your internet marketing strategy in shape for the summer. You may think that the way in which you conduct your SEO and PPC should remain the same throughout the whole year, but due to behavioural changes in the consumer market there may be a few tweaks needed for the summer months.


Are You Optimised For Mobiles?

In Britain the only way we know how to react to a heat wave is to take off a layer of clothes and cook meat over an outdoor grill, and this results in different internet behaviour. As more people are outside enjoying the sun there will be more mobile searches rather than desktop ones.

With this being the case it is important that you ensure your site is optimised for mobile phones. A number of businesses are yet to do this and it could mean that your traffic figures drop during the summer months simply because people cannot access your site or use it effectively on the go. There’s more about optimising for mobile here.

Take Advantage Of A Lull In Adwords Activity –

Online activity, and in particular online shopping, tends to take a bit of a hit in the hot weather and so while everyone else is out frequenting the nearest beach and giving ice cream sellers their best sales since 2006; you could take the time to tweak your Adwords campaigns. Be sure to pause anything that isn’t likely to sell well at this time of year in order to save on unnecessary clicks and think about increasing the mobile bids for certain adverts.

This is also a great time to finish off your changes from normal campaigns to enhanced ones. The cut-off point is only a week away now and if you don’t switch them over in time Google will step in and do it for you. And you can almost guarantee that it won’t be done in line with the specifications you would have chosen.

Freshen Up Keywords And Copy –

The fact that the weather has taken a turn for the better may mean that you are now selling products that you weren’t before, or that you want to put particular focus on products that you know will sell well in the heat. Take advantage of this by giving your site some fresh copy that includes the new product keywords.

Changing the copy every now and again will show Google that your site is continually active and will counteract anyone who is taking the easy way out by just copying and pasting other people’s content. Don’t forget to include your new keywords in your content marketing and you could receive a kindly boost in summer traffic and sales.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of the gorgeous weather and if you need any help in getting your internet marketing fit for the summer then Marketing By Web are always here to help.

Chris is a Search Marketing Executive and has an expert knowledge in SEO. As a creative writer, his role is to create content for our clients' websites.


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