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Until recently you could have been forgiven for thinking that Google was not the most social of animals. But the recent launch of Google+ may have made them have a bit of a rethink.

One of the questions we used to get asked a lot was ‘Where can I find a customer support number for Google Adwords?’, and to be honest, it was difficult to answer. Unless you were spending a fair amount, you didn’t get an account manager, and most queries were expected to be dealt with by email and support tickets.

However, their foray into the world of Social Media Marketing must have given them a great idea, because they’ve now opened up telephone support for Adwords customers in Europe.

Yes, you can now get hold of a real live person to help with your Adwords queries and problems!

Not only that, the lines are available in quite a few languages, which we think is great!

They do stress that these lines are only for current customers, so you’ll need to have your Google Adwords customer ID ready when you call.

Telephone numbers for Google Adwords Customer Support:

  • UK – 0845 600 0278
  • Ireland – 1890 907 106
  • Austria – 0810 1025 1509
  • Poland – (00)8004411830 (toll free)
  • Germany – 0180 111 1134
  • Spain – 901 010 016
  • Italy – 840 320 106
  • France – 0811 650 221
  • Switzerland – 0848 560 155
  • Netherlands – 0900 0400 898
  • Belgium – 0703 59 959

It’s nice to see an online company offering telephone support at last!

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