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PPC Management Services | Marketing By Web

Pay Per Click and Display Advertising Services

Marketing By Web delivers pay per click and display advertising for businesses across a range of different platforms including Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. Advertisers spend between £500 and £150,000 per month across a variety of industries. Choosing the right platform to meet your business goals is vital to your success. Get consultancy, keyword and competitor research, campaign set up and management services and ongoing support. This drives up visitors to your business either online or offline, increases brand awareness, makes the most of new opportunities in mobile phone advertising, grows your business or saves on costs and increases your ROI, margins and profitability. Google is still the largest online marketing platform and has a whopping 90% of the market share in the UK. Isn’t that something that your business should be taking advantage of?

Instant Visibility with Paid Search Listings and Build Brand

Get your business onto the first page of search results instantly using PPC. People searching for your products and services using keyword phrases click an ad and get taken to your website where you can persuade them to visit your store, purchase online, sign up for your service, download an app or take any other action you wish them to take. Use Display Advertising to promote your brands across the internet.

Measure Your Advertising Success

Determine your monthly budget in consultation with our PPC experts who can show you how many people search for your products or services each month. Decide how much you are willing to pay for a click or each time an ad is shown. You will learn how much each lead, sale or download has cost you each month. Decide how to measure success. We help you optimise and improve these and other key performance indicators to benefit your business.

Turn On and Off

The ability to switch PPC on and off when you want gives you full control over your advertising campaigns. Increase and decrease budgets when it suits you. Make the most of insights into seasonal trends in your market and benefit from new growth areas online such as video advertising.


This leaves you able to focus on other areas of your business and relax in the knowledge that your campaigns are in qualified hands.

We will also keep you firmly in the loop as to what is happening with your AdWords and conduct regular reviews in order to optimise your ads as much as possible.

At Marketing By Web we love Google but there’s room for three in this relationship. Don’t be afraid to take that first step towards getting your business seen by millions.

“Marketing By Web are incredibly easy to work with… Most importantly the work they do gets results. Even on the most challenging of our campaigns.“


Sarah Hirst, Plus Two

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