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If your budget is limited – consider running a test campaign in Google AdWords.

I suggest starting off with just a few of your high margin products if your website is an ecommerce site  – otherwise if your website is selling services, select just a couple of these to advertise.

The next step is to focus carefully within AdWords on these products.  For example, let’s take a look at our wonderful client Nubie who sell Brio Sing Prams.  Create an Ad Group called Brio Sing, and carefully add just a couple of relevant keywords to the group as below:

  • brio sing prams
  • [brio sing prams]
  • “brio sing prams”
  • brio sing travel systems
  • [brio sing travel systems]
  • “brio sing travel systems”

It’s important to add in the three different match types as denoted above with the square brackets, speech marks, and just the plain keyword. The reasons behind this belong in another post – but just ensure you add the same keyword with the 3 different ways to AdWords.

Try adding in a few of these products to start with, before gradually expanding, carefully adding in new products and checking how well they perform.

Before you go live with the campaign, make sure you have conversion tracking set up.  More on this in this post.  This way you will be able to prove that the sales came from AdWords, as well be able to see which keywords resulted in the actual conversions.

Good luck!  Let us know how you get on.

Beth is a member of our SEO team and works as a Search Marketing Executive. Her role is to write creative copy and help clients optimise their website.


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