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It’s easy to get tied up in Google Analytics (or whatever stats package you use) – there are so many things to analyse:

  • Traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views
  • Referral traffic
  • Search engines
  • Keyword searches

and that’s just basic statistics and analytics.

You can spend so much time getting hung up on where your traffic is coming from, what it’s doing when it gets on your site, how high or low your bounce rate is etc, that you forget the one website statistic that really matters.

Is your website generating business?

Are you getting sales / enquiries / leads from your site?

It’s all very well getting hundreds of visitors a day – but if they’re not targeted, they won’t generate business.

It’s nice to see people linking to you – but if the people following those links aren’t potential clients, it’s just a vanity act.

We all love seeing ourselves on the front page of Google – but if no-one is searching for the phrases we’re using, then what’s the point?

The most important single measurement of your website’s effectiveness is whether it generates the results you want; which in most cases is sales.

If your site isn’t generating business, THEN it’s time to look at those other stats and find out why.

  • Are you focusing on the wrong search phrases?
  • Are you gaining links from the wrong places?
  • Is your website turning people off?
  • Are you using a strong call to action on all your pages?
  • Is your contact information easily found?

All of these things and more could be affecting your site’s ability to generate business, so yes they have to be looked at.

But look at that most important statistic first – because after all you had a website developed to enhance and grow your business, right?

If it’s not doing that, then all the vanity traffic in the world won’t help.

If your website isn’t generating business or leads, we can help – get in touch now.



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Chris is a Search Marketing Executive and has an expert knowledge in SEO. As a creative writer, his role is to create content for our clients' websites.


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