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Dynamic Keyword Insertion can be very useful for long lists of related, similar keywords where it is too time consuming to create an ad group for each permutation.

Instead, you can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in the advert heading, and it will automatically prefill with the keywords the searcher has used.

For example, if you have a list of keywords such as:

  • chipmunks cage
  • cage for chipmunks
  • chipmunk cages for sale

and many other related very similar keywords, this option should definitely work well for you.

So – to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion, do the following:

{KeyWord:Phrase Goes Here}

In the example above, always ensure that you use a default keyword phrase where it stipulates Phrase Goes Here above, just in case the keywords used by the Google searcher are too long to be replaced.

But beware – and you must pay this serious attention – if using for broad / phrase match keywords, you will need a long list of negative keywords in case Google matches your keyword with something inappropriate. This is because the inappropriate keyword would be entered into the heading, misleading the searcher.  For example, if someone was seeking “Free Chipmunk Cages” and you had failed to enter the word free as a negative, this would lead to this exact phrase being used as the keyphrase in the advert.  This would certainly increase your Click Through Rate as people would think you were giving the cages away free!

Therefore you may prefer to use this technique ONLY for exact match keywords.

Other areas you may wish to consider using Dynamic Keyword Insertion are in the main body of the advert, for example:

{KeyWord:Phrase Goes Here}
{KeyWord:Phrase Goes Here} For Sale Now
Prices From £9.99, Visit Today!{KeyWord:Phrase Goes Here}

Adverts as in the above, will HUGELY increase Click Through Rate.  This will also impact Quality Score.  I’ve run campaigns where it is possible to have quality scores of 7 or above whilst using this technique.

Beth is a member of our SEO team and works as a Search Marketing Executive. Her role is to write creative copy and help clients optimise their website.


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